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Due to the current requirements for the production of clean / green / electricity, use of natural energy of water, wind, sun and others SIMETI company invested in the development and production of a new type of equipment to produce electricity. Wind turbine type SIMETI indication of wind shifts to the next level micro power stations achieved its design and performance. Direct connection of the generator and turbine direct drive ensures smooth operation without excessive vibration or reducing performance. When selecting a suitable site is a possible extra energy gain in comparison with the small propeller-type wind turbines in use today.

The entire range of products offered enables the use of wind energy for small objects in the off-grid systems and systems connected to the grid. Location wind turbines is due to its low weight, very flexible and can build on existing roofs without the need for additional major adjustments. 

Basic description MVE - Small wind turbines

The product of the company is a device for generating electricity using the kinetic energy of wind. The whole machinery was originally designed as a prototype of a small wind turbine performance, primarily intended for hot water in small objects. After the first tests showed the device to its relatively high efficiency and enlarge the work area has been specially developed for this device, electric low-speed synchronous generator directly established by the main rotor axis wind turbine direct drive system.

The device is a unique method of using wind energy. The actual wind turbine has a vertical axis of rotation with 3 flat blades rotating about a size of 2,4 square meter base of one blade. With the new design achieves higher device efficiency than other vertical turbines. In conjunction with low-speed generator power the entire device is very powerful considering its size and thus the possibility of placement.

The original idea was to design a product, the construction and subsequent inspection and maintenance work will be feasible commercially available technology, so the entire design sets solved modularly and its location in the basic size is possible due to low weight on a standard roof systems, masts, poles, etc.

A characteristic feature of the whole set is its superior performance in contrast to its size. Although the device is small in size, its performance is comparable to significantly larger in the middle-VE performance. Diameter of the turbine itself is about 80% less weight and even 90% lower than the typical equipment for the production electricity from wind, the coefficient of efficiency is at a higher level

Windy conditions and suitability for the operation of equipment

Part of the Czech Republic is favorable for the installation of wind power and higher wind speeds, most studies have been performed for 100 m above the surface. The following map shows wind speed at 10 meters on the surface (Institute of Atmospheric Physics AS CR). Note: If you are interested in buying equipment free of charge, we will measure wind speed and provide recommendations.



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