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The cheapest energy is that which you don´t need to pay for

Wind turbine type SIMETI moves indication of wind micro power stations to the next level achieved by its design and performance. Direct connection of the generator and turbine direct drive ensures smooth operation without excessive vibration or reducing performance. When selecting a suitable locality is a possible extra energy profit in comparison with the small propeller-type wind turbines used today.


  What is the return on your small wind turbine?

  What is the utilization of small wind power plant?

  What is the life of your small wind turbine?

  What is the delivery time of your small wind turbine?

  What wind speed is needed to achieve the rated performance of your small wind turbine?

  Low weight of the equipment

  Return of investment from 4 years

  Long service life min. 20 years

  Minimum requirements for operation and maintenance

  No noise and non vibratory technology 

  Use for small objects

  Can stand on rooftops

  Higher efficiency than other vertical turbine

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